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Piso La Casita

Casa Ona features one bath, one bedroom and an open kitchen/ livingroom. The wooden stairs lead to the rooftop terrace, which measures the same size of the apartment.

Price on Request.

The Location of Piso La Casita

the Club Robinson ca. 1980

El Club Robinson

The Robinson Club Cala Vedella was a very popular vacation resort with individual apartments and entertainment for the whole family until the end of the 80s. At that time Ibiza was a melting point of musicians, artists, hippies and intellectuals and the starting point of the reputation of freedom, tranquillity and love that the island still enjoys to this day. 

Today, the former Robinson Club apartments are privately owned and have been largely renovated. This apartment offers you the opportunity to experience the charm of the past in an authentic, modern way.

Club Cala Vadella.jpg
Club Cala Vadella Ibiza for Sale

The former entrance to the club today 

the charme of the past still present today

every piso comes with a garden like this

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